For some time, we’ve all had to rethink travel plans.

Holidays are seeing major disruption by the pandemic - but consumers are thinking about a plan B.

How are they going to adapt holiday and travel plans around restrictions?

With data on major brands including Tui, Marriott and Holiday Inn, spend some quality time with our infographic.

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The picture of travel in 2021

Discover the kind of trips consumers are currently planning - along with insightful background to their thought process.

Zero in on your travel customer

Learn about four key traveller profiles, including Freedom Seekers and Closer to Homers. How will deeper insight shift your marketing?

Unlock purchase factors

We asked travellers in the U.S. and UK what’s tempting them to pick a travel brand. An update on what’s important could clinch you more customers this season.

What's in the infographic?

Discover how consumer attitudes to traveling is changing compared to 2020, in the U.S. and UK. We show you:

  • Which sort of travel is most alluring to consumers right now?
  • What are their priorities when choosing travel brands?
  • How do environmental concerns impact travel decisions?
  • What are the biggest decision factors?


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