Source: Mediacom

MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media agencies, with a core focus on content and connections. Looking for a solution that would provide deeper insights into the ‘connected consumer’, MediaCom turned to GWI to explore its consumer profiling capabilities.

The challenge 

Getting to the finer details.

MediaCom’s existing audience planning tools were unable to provide the level of detail they needed, both within digital channels and across some of the agency’s key territories.
This data is central to MediaCom’s strategic planning process (20|20 Connections) which is built on a foundation of detailed consumer profiling. 
Using GWI, they were able to gather more granular data around their online audience, while also acquiring further insights into specific markets like South Africa.

The Action

Building a more cost-effective strategy.

Keagan Rogers, Digital Lead at MediaCom South Africa explains how the GWI platform is “the first port of call when developing a digital approach” for key clients like Coca-Cola and Audi.

"Once I get briefed by a client or my account lead, I will analyze the audience and their consumption habits through the platform”, he says. 

“When I have an understanding of who the audience is and how they're behaving, I look at the numbers.”

Looking specifically at how much spend to allocate to which channels, Keagan outlines how the platform gives him “insights into the numbers and a reference point for what amount to invest based on the users on each of these platforms.”

"I believe it’s one of the best digital data sources available."


The result

Getting a competitive advantage with deep insight.

Whether for short data runs or a deeper dive into audience insights, the GWI platform has given the MediaCom team a deeper understanding of their digital audiences.
The agency leverages this to gain a competitive advantage and meet client needs.
“In a market where digital marketing is becoming more prevalent, it is extremely valuable in giving solid feedback to briefs,” says Keagan.

"In any pitch, GWI is a tool that captures attention."

“It has helped both digital and traditional strategists immensely. The market reports also provide valuable insight to agency employees as a whole.”
For MediaCom South Africa, the most powerful parts of the data set are its scale and ability to go beyond traditional measures to translate the thoughts and feelings of the digital audience.
With the ability to explore consumer perceptions in minute detail, the team can develop more accurate personas that drive better results.

Keagan explains that this strength lies in “the amount of questions that are asked and how audiences can be built on more than just demographics.”

  • Won new business with unique insight they couldn't find elsewhere. 
  • Created opportunities in new and emerging markets.
  • Improved targeting with revealing consumer data.
The GWI platform has proven extremely useful in helping the MediaCom team to adapt to a rapidly-changing landscape and audience.
“It’s a powerful tool that provides insight into an increasingly difficult to understand audience,” says Keagan Rogers.
The positive impact of GWI’s in-depth audience profiling is spreading fast across MediaCom’s global organization, with many of their offices now using the platform to gain better consumer insights, including their London headquarters.
“What's great is that it’s a single-source data resource that spans many markets across the world, especially Asia and the Middle East which we're starting to do more work on", says Allan Dickenson, Senior Digital Media Planner at MediaCom London.
Ensuring the audience reports are distributed throughout the agency on a quarterly basis has helped the team to stay on top of important trends that are shaping both their audience and the marketplace.

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