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Aaron Almeida

Insights partner, TikTok

The challenge

Validating their thinking with third-party data

TikTok has a wealth of insights at its disposal that help the team understand their diverse audiences, drive strategic growth, and partner with brands. When it came to B2B advertising, their first-party data showed the platform welcomed a sizable audience of C-suite business professionals, but they needed a credible source of third-party consumer research to validate this, and dive deeper into this audience’s attitudes and behaviors.

Specifically, they wanted to uncover how active these C-suites were on TikTok, and understand their motivation for using it.

TikTok’s a place where people of all kinds come to learn and get inspired. We just needed to prove it.

Aaron Almeida, insights partner, TikTok

The team needed a fast way to prove how the platform not only appeals to more niche audiences like C-suite professionals – but also how TikTok is a goldmine for brands trying to target these users. This was critical to solidifying and driving the right partnerships. And that’s where GWI came in.

The action

Using GWI to investigate audiences under the microscope

Whenever they need to deep dive into a specific audience, TikTok turns to GWI – one of their most reliable external partners for credible, on-demand data – to see what consumer insights they can leverage. And that’s exactly how they started this research mission.
First-party data is great, but when it comes from a third-party source like GWI, it adds a layer of credibility to our narrative.

Aaron Almeida, insights partner, TikTok

Looking closely at their C-suite audience, the team explored their behavior on TikTok to understand why they use the platform. Now here’s where the investigation really paid off.

They stumbled upon something crucial – a surprisingly large number of C-level professionals used the platform for business purposes.

Digging even deeper, the team analyzed TikTok users in senior management and executive positions, zooming in at a regional level to focus on consumers in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Exploring at this level of depth revealed some truly game-changing insights about the why behind their audience’s behavior. A whopping 74% of C-level executives in these regions are on TikTok - but fascinatingly, many are using it for business.

This granular data showcased how C-suite professionals weren’t just using TikTok for entertainment, but for business activities like networking, discovery, and consideration.

Amazingly, this audience was even more actively engaged than the average TikTok user. The data was crystal clear: TikTok’s a place for C-suites to learn, be inspired, make decisions, and explore work-related interests.

C-level execs don’t just come to TikTok for entertainment. They're using it for work-related networking, and connecting with brands they buy from.

Aaron Almeida, insights partner, TikTok

With this data highlighting untapped opportunities to target business professionals on the platform, the team had what they needed to approach new brand partners in this space with confidence.

The result

Proving their reach and influence over C-suite leaders

Leveraging these unique insights, TikTok created a compelling one-page infographic to educate prospective partners and clients, proving how TikTok drives major engagement among C-suite professionals across a diverse range of sectors.

To highlight their professional audience reach, the one-pager also featured examples of highly-engaged C-suite influencers who use TikTok to create and share their own content.

Cementing the platform as a source of “entertainment, inspiration, and influencing decisions”, the team had the tools they needed to win over brands who might not have considered partnering with them before.

Essentially, the team behind TikTok were able to reposition the platform as a gateway to B2B activity, opening the door to new business growth opportunities.

By also arming its sales team with these powerful insights, TikTok was able to demonstrate the extent of active engagement among C-suites on the platform with data-backed confidence – from a highly credible third-party source – and drive B2B conversations with key brands.

Ultimately, this helped them get the right partnerships and activations over the line.

We use GWI as a differentiator – to prove why TikTok is a unique platform for reaching this specific brand, or that specific audience.

Aaron Almeida, insights partner, TikTok

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