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Guo Jie Chin

Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, Nextdoor

The challenge

Educating advertisers about Nextdoor’s active audience

Nextdoor connects neighbors to each other and everything nearby. For brands and agencies, the network is a goldmine for targeting audiences looking for a service or solution - whether that’s finding a handyman, a caregiver, or product recommendations for their household.

The team’s main challenge was putting the spotlight on its ad solutions and showing advertisers that Nextdoor is a unique platform where people come to explore neighborhood resources.

"We needed to prove that we have a highly engaged audience ready to make decisions. This was instrumental in aligning our efforts with a brand's KPIs, ensuring success in achieving their specific goals."

It was up to the team to provide concrete evidence that Nextdoor could not only create value for its clients, but also drive ROI.

The action

Creating an Insights Hub featuring content fueled by GWI's data

First, Nextdoor needed to dig deeper to discover how its users stood out from the general population and differed from audiences on peer platforms. Because Nextdoor is a tracked brand within GWI’s platform, the team can easily create audiences of people who use it (whether that’s more than once a day, daily, weekly, or monthly).
GWI provides a good starting point for us to discover how our audience differs from the general population and those of peer platforms.

Guo Jie Chin, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, Nextdoor

Next, the team created an Insights Hub on the Nextdoor for Business website that features all of the neighborhood network’s best audience insights from internal first-party data, neighbor surveys, and GWI’s database. It covers topics like the power of proximity for buyers, the influence of business and product recommendations from neighbors, the importance of making meaningful community connections, and what neighbors expect from brands.

"The global scale of the data allows us to leverage insights from diverse markets, giving us a comprehensive view of audience behaviors worldwide."

With the data to back them up, Nextdoor is able to zero in on what’s going on in neighborhoods and between neighbors, so brands and agencies can stay plugged into what’s trending and make strategic decisions about their advertising.

Nextdoor went the extra mile and organized the Insights Hub by trend and vertical to make it easier for brands and agencies to navigate between timely, seasonal insights, and sector-specific resources.

They strategically highlighted specific tentpole events or verticals, leveraging our data to identify and showcase trends that were particularly relevant to new and existing customers.

These categories allow new and prospective advertisers to quickly gauge how Nextdoor’s user behavior changes during tentpole moments, and within specific categories.

The result

Driving ad sales and increasing web page views by 197%

The Insights Hub continues to boost awareness of Nextdoor’s ad solutions and its unique benefits for advertisers while proving how engaged the network’s audience is and how ready they are to make decisions.

It has successfully raked up an impressive 197% increase in web page views year-on-year and the initiative was nominated as a finalist in the 2022 ANA Genius Awards in the Marketing Analytics Storytelling category.

When it comes to the big picture, GWI’s data helps support and validate Nextdoor’s internal first-party data.

Guo Jie Chin, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, Nextdoor

Using GWI as a reputable third-party source gives the team the confidence and credibility they need to offer up data-backed recommendations when selling ad space.

"By integrating with GWI, we‘re able to greatly enhance the insights and data in our customer-facing materials by going into more granular detail on each topic and contextualizing our audience against the broader population."

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