We were all kids once - but it’s hard to remember how we saw the world around us. 

This report puts you in their shoes, giving you a glimpse into their values and aspirations, how they spend their time, and the content they love.

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What’s inside this report

All insights are gathered from GWI Kids, our fully opt-in data set, made by surveying those aged 8-15 (alongside their parents or guardians) in 14 markets.

Now we’re bringing them to you, all neatly bundled up, so you can see what’s driving their actions - essential reading for brands looking to appeal to youngsters.

Here’s a snippet of what you can find: 

  • Teen’s values (heads up, they're pretty progressive)
  • The impact of COVID on kids
  • Gaming, and its many uses
  • TV shows they like 
  • Way, way more
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