While smartphones are owned by 96% of internet users, some usage trends around the world come as a surprise. Make sure you have all the statistics on phone brand preference - and consumers’ needs - at your fingertips.

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Get a global view of brand popularity

With our consideration data learn how Samsung, Apple and Huawei are seen in consumers’ minds - and the markets where they’d switch.

Discover purchase factors that matter

Find out what features and tools help push smartphone buyers over the edge. How is the dawn of 5G perceived? What’s most important?

See the latest brand perception stats

We’ve analysed the ownership of brands across continents, and asked consumers their views on brands.

What's inside the guide?

We explore:

  • Which devices are prevalent in each global region?
  • How do purchase intentions differ?
  • How do smartphones rank alongside other smart devices?
  • What features and packages matter to consumers?

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