How are the top seven mobile brands tracking with consumers worldwide? What's causing those in each global region to buy, use, and upgrade their smartphone?

Our survey keeps you informed of consumer behaviors across the world, at a pace that illuminates the very latest trends.

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What's in the infographic?

Which mobile brands are on trend in your region? Discover the names that consumers are considering switching to - and make sure your marketing is on point. Find out:

  • What are the key behavioral insights for iPhone and Samsung users?
  • How popular are Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Sony and LG?
  • What percentage of brand users would consider making a purchase?
  • Which countries show the most risk of brand switching?

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With 74% saying that their mobile is the most important device to access the internet, make sure your mobile marketing strategy has all the right components.

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