Gamers make up a huge proportion of internet users, 37% to be precise. While the group is highly male-dominated, it’s surprisingly diverse in other ways. 

The term ‘gamer’ is broad, so we’ve broken it down into 6 key personas: Mobile-only, Casual gamer, Esporter, Socializer, Cloud gamer, and Influencer. 

Learn who lies within each category: what they do, what interests them, and what defines them. Tap into their favorite games, most distinctive gaming habits and the devices they use to play on. 

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What's inside the report?

You’ll gain insight into how to appeal to each gaming persona, see trends that occur within each segment, and understand how best to  reach them. We’ll answer your burning questions, including:

  • Which sports do they watch?
  • What interests them?
  • How do their gaming habits affect their online and social habits?
  • Which gaming genres interest the different personas?
  • What is their purchase journey?
  • How can you encourage them to engage with your brand? 

Gaming is an industry with huge potential, but to uncover the real opportunity it takes the right insight. Delve deeper into the complexities of these audiences with our latest report.

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