Stop press. Together with The B2B Institute at LinkedIn, we've discovered a new archetype of B2B buyer. 

Introducing: Generation BETA. Drawing on research into 40,000 professionals, across 40 sectors and 10 markets, we've uncovered the largest group of buyers in the global workforce. We examine the traits of these digital natives, now in senior roles.

Discover the characteristics of these new buyers and tap into the insights that'll get your B2B strategy on point.

Why are they called the BETAs?

Our findings characterise the BETAs as: Blurred work-life boundaries, with an Evolving mindset, Tech natives that are time poor, and raised levels of Activism.

Download the report to find out why that matters, and what it means for the world of B2B.

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What's inside the report?

Discover a whole new B2B audience you won't want to miss. Learn how their lives and lifestyles have changed profoundly. Find out:

  • How do generation BETA see themselves?
  • What drives them to engage in new activities?
  • What's the best way of doing business with them, in the pandemic era?
  • How can you understand the values that matter?

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