Do you need to effectively target high end consumers?

Affluent consumers are defined by aspects of their lives related to wealth. We’ve surveyed internet users in over 40 countries, and in this report bring to light the characteristics of the top wealth group in each country.

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With insight into where they spend time online, what they’re looking for, and their key interests, you can be confident of reaching them at the right time, with the right message.

Get to know this career-oriented, status-seeking consumer - and understand the reason behind luxury brand preferences among others.

Whether you’re exploring the wealthy consumer as a customer for your new brand or need to zero in on the right approach, download the report to understand this elusive type of shopper.

What's inside the report?

Explore the digital behaviors and attitudes of the world’s wealthiest consumers, with our report that covers:

  • Who is the affluent consumer, and how does this vary globally?
  • How do affluent consumers see themselves?
  • How are they using technology, and what are the crucial traits to know?


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