56% of global internet users say they travel abroad at least once a year. With so many destinations and new travel trends to entice them, what do you need to know to stay one step ahead?

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Understand vacationer psychology

Discover the top motivations for travelers - and how this varies from region to region. Learn what goes into making the crucial decision of how and where to vacation.

Choose the influencers and platforms that matter

Get to know the sources of inspiration and influence for consumer travel trends, and tap into the ‘dark social’ factor.

Learn how reviews are really used - and how to get a positive one

When it comes to travel, word-of-mouth is crucial. Discover our insights on how online reviews fit into the purchase journey.

Get to know the statistics that will help set you apart from the competition - by truly understanding the modern vacationer.

What's inside the report?

Uncover key trends and brand preferences of global vacationers, and new insights for those in the U.S. and UK. Our report, with insights from a bespoke study and our global survey, includes: 

  • Key characteristics and attitudes of vacationers.
  • Consumers' vacation and travel patterns across 41 markets.
  • Emerging consumer trends in travel and tourism.
  • Purchase journey and marketing touchpoints for the vacationer.

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