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One Amazon seller leveraged in-depth consumer insight to triple a major brand's annual spend in one deal. Here's how.

Surely every living creature on planet Earth is familiar with Amazon and their all-conquering ecommerce empire. 

What’s not quite so well known is Amazon’s potential as a brand-building platform – and that can be a challenge for Amazon sellers.

That was certainly the case in Mexico, where a world-renowned food brand saw Amazon exclusively as an ecommerce partner, with a successful relationship built around ads, sales and financial performance.


The challenge

Repositioning Amazon as a key media channel

The brand’s sole focus on ecommerce meant they weren’t making the most of everything Amazon could do for them. 

An Amazon seller in Mexico decided this had to change.

How they did it shows how their use of GWI insights delivered a dramatic increase in annual spend.


The action

Mapping the journey to success

Suspecting that mapping the customer journey would help drive this change – they set out to reposition Amazon as a company that truly understands its customers and what influences every stage of the buying process. 

As such, they’d be trusted by advertisers to get the right message in front of the right audience, at the right moment.

Using GWI, they looked at Mexican parents (a key audience for the brand) – the gender split, average age, income, attitudes, brand interactions, device ownership, drivers for online purchase and so on.

Here's what they found:

  • As a group, mothers and fathers represent one of the most important consumer segments to marketers. In fact fathers, at 51.2%, now slightly dominate the parent customer journey within Amazon.

  • Online mothers are mobile-first internet users. The number of mothers using a smartphone to access the internet has risen by 20% (up to 76.4%) since 2017, and it is now the most used device.

  • Online is the most important channel for parents discovering new retail brands (50.3%). 2 in 3 parents now research products online and compare prices before purchase. And 52.6% of online parents use Amazon as a search engine to discover new products.

Once done, they used the insights to create a report profiling the attitudes and behaviors of online mothers for the brand, showing just how they could own their audiences and capture their attention with the right products and proposals.


The result

Three times the spend from a single deal

Inspired by the insights, the brand increased their spend with Amazon by a stunning 300%, extending their relationship and using them as a brand building partner as much as an ecommerce channel.

At the heart of this was GWI’s data and insights – it brought the customer journey to life, and in the process helped the client see Amazon through a new lens; as a valuable media partner.

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