What’s front of mind for voters?

Get to know how voters are feeling about the upcoming election and the issues they care about most, as well as their top information sources, and what they expect to see from brands.

Say hello to your expert hosts

Danielle Portnoy

Strategic Insights Manager, GWI

Jaime Vasil

Group VP Candidates & Causes, Basis Technologies

Brian Wohlert

VP Candidates & Causes Client Development, Basis Technologies

What will we talk about?

Current state of play

How are voters feeling?


Local vs national political engagement

Hot topics

What are the top issues among voters?

Information sources

Where do voters get their information from?

Trust and influence

How do American voters view the media?


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April 11th, 2024

Ready to take the pulse of political engagement and voter sentiment ahead of the 2024 US election? Join us for an unmissable webinar, co-hosted by Basis Technologies, where we dive into unique insights into the current political landscape.

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