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Make sense of today’s social media

Short-form video has never been more popular, influencers are becoming celebrities, and AI could change everything. How can brands and agencies respond in a way that helps them minimize risk and maximize ROI? Our social media trends webinar is a great place to start.

Say hello to your expert hosts

Stephanie Harlow

Senior Trends Analyst, GWI

Tyler Ashe

Senior Trends Analyst, GWI

What will we talk about?

State of play

Social media today and tomorrow

How to win

Different platforms, different users, different approaches

One to watch

The changing impact of video content

Influencer marketing

Clout alone doesn’t convince consumers to buy

Regional spotlights

Social’s role in the US election, and live streaming in APAC


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May 29th, 2024

2pm (BST, EDT, SGT)

Confused about the latest social media trends? Don’t be. This webinar, based on what nearly 1M consumers told us about their social media habits, cuts through the noise with strategy-defining insights.

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