Why age doesn’t define Gen Z

Gen Z are growing up fast and reaching different life stages. Demographics mask diversity, so we need to dig deeper to uncover the truth. If you want to target Gen Z consumers successfully in 2024, you can’t afford to miss this session.

Say hello to your expert hosts

Elise Robson

Trends Analyst, GWI

Tom Hedges

Senior Trends Analyst, GWI

What will we talk about?


Which Gen Z stereotypes misrepresent their reality

Life priorities

What unites and divides this diverse generation

Social media & entertainment

Why brands should look beyond short-form content

Online behavior

How Gen Z's online presence differs from their reality

AI engagement

Why Gen Z could lead the workplace adoption of AI

US and APAC spotlights

How Gen Z behavior differs in these key markets


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February 27, 2024

2pm EST and 2pm GMT


Think you know Gen Z? Think again. Join us for this unmissable myth-busting session, where we’ll explain the latest Gen Z trends for 2024 and reveal the truth about their lives, both online and offline.

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