GML APAC webinar LP_H2-1

Today’s top media trends

Average time online isn't changing much, but device usage, and online behaviors are. If you want to understand where, and why consumers spend time online, don’t miss our deep dive into the top trends impacting the APAC region.

Say hello to your expert host

Jo Ling Sun

Senior Trends Analyst, GWI

What will we talk about?

Today’s top media trends

Explore where, and why consumers spend time online

Understanding the battle for consumers' attention

The impact of an attention economy

Driving ROI with the right channels

How to prioritize your ad spend

Cutting through the noise with creative messaging

How to keep up with your audience

Building brand trust and affinity online

The importance of being diverse and representative

Uncovering new partners and opportunities

How cross-sector collaborations are taking the industry by storm


The APAC media landscape


Your game plan for shoppers, streamers, and scrollers.

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