Recorded: February 27, 2019

Duration: 30 minutes

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Ashleigh Adair

Ashleigh Adair

Senior Insights Analyst
Lorna Keane

Lorna Keane

Content Lead

The role of consumer insight is changing. Today, it’s more fundamental to everyday business decisions than it’s ever been, presenting new opportunities for research teams to have even greater impact.

But what does it take to go from raw data to impactful insight and beyond?

Leveraging the world's largest study on the digital consumer and leading professional network, LinkedIn, we'll take a closer look at how truly valuable insight can be uncovered and put into practice. 

What's in this webinar?

In this webinar, we’ll investigate what it really means to be a “data-driven” organization, and what it takes to become one. Join us to find out:

  • How the role of insight is evolving.
  • What the opportunities are for insight teams.
  • How LinkedIn puts insight into practice.

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