Our exclusive study showcases the factors that really matter to consumers when it comes to packaging materials, helping you make the best choices for your brand.

Put your packaging to the test.

Are you sustainable enough? Learn about the key trends in packaging in the U.S. and evaluate your products in light of new data.

Gain support for greener activations.

Whether in-store or online you can develop the most effective campaigns using shopper insights, to set you up for a sustainable future.

Understand consumer awareness.

We explored just how informed shoppers feel about the products they buy, giving you a guiding light for messaging and campaigns on recycling.

Put PR noise in context.

Cut through distractions and opinions with the only source of strategic direction that matters: the consumer view.

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What's inside the report?

Explore key questions about sustainable packaging in the U.S. and UK, and understand why the environment is so important for brands right now. Download to find out:

  • What ‘eco factors’ influence how consumers choose their brands?
  • How is brand loyalty affected by the surge in eco-conscious decision making?
  • How can companies add this issue to their roadmap? 


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