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Plan features



  •   Access global data
  •   Profile your demographics
  •   Explore their device usage
  •   Identify their online activities
  •   Understand how they discover brands
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$149 /month

  •   Access global & local data
  •   Profile bespoke audience segments
  •   Analyze their interests, attitudes & lifestyles
  •   Explore their device usage & ownership
  •   Analyze their online activities & behaviors
  •   Check their social media usage
  •   Map their online purchase journey
  •   Identify key media touchpoints
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$149 p/m

Focus on the psychological aspects of a customer's activities, interests and opinions.

  • Demographics
  • Attitudes & Lifestyle
  • Device Ownership & Access

Digital Behaviors


$149 p/m

How customers respond to technologies and techniques used by online publishers and advertisers.

  • Online Activites & Behaviors
  • Social Media
  • Apps



$249 p/m

Discover a vast range of topics for purchasing behaviours and intentions online.

  • Commerce
  • Marketing touchpoints



$389 p/m

Learn how customer’s time are spent on free or paid TV channels and services.

  • Media Consumption & Entertainment



$489 p/m

Search through over 1300+ Brands from music, sports, health, film and gaming.

  • Brand


ranging from

$149 - $679 p/m

Dive into countries for more detailed insight.

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • All Regions


ranging from

$149 - $249 p/m

If the last quarter is not enough, we have global survey data in the history books.

  • Last 12 Months
  • All Time

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Our Enterprise plan gives you ready access to our complete suite of data, analysis and tools, with custom packages to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different plans?

Choose between a Free, Premium or Enterprise plan, with different payment options for each.

  • Our Free plan gives you instant access after signup. No credit card or payment details are needed because it’s free forever.
  • Our Premium plan, from $149/month, offers you a range of data bundle options, payable monthly by credit card.
  • Our Enterprise option gets you unlimited access to our platform and data set, payable by invoice. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Which data bundle is for me?

Our broad range of bundles were carefully designed to suit your every need. Simply browse our selection and choose those that fit. You can add and remove bundles as you please.

Can I choose more than one bundle at a time?

Choose as many bundles as you like. If you need multiple bundles, it might be worth switching to our Enterprise plan for unlimited access to all of our data. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss bespoke pricing.

What happens to my data if I cancel a bundle?

If you cancel a bundle, you will no longer have access to the questions and data points included in that bundle. This will affect your existing audiences, bookmarks and queries, but you have the option to export the queries you have built before cancelling your bundle.

Can I cancel my bundle if I no longer need it?

You can cancel your data bundle at any time. There’s no contract with our Premium plan, and your bundles are automatically renewed each month unless you choose to cancel.

I can’t find the bundle I want. Is there a more custom solution?

Our dedicated Custom team offer a range of customizable solutions to get you the insights you need. Just get in touch to find out more.