Nowadays social media is used by nearly every age group, and they're all highly attractive to brands.

To target consumers of all ages effectively, you need to know not only which platforms they spend their time on, but what they’re doing, and why.

Reach new audiences before your competition.

Build a picture of your consumer that incorporates changing trends and revealing behaviors. Learn about the increase in use of certain platforms by baby boomers and Gen Z.

Get to know why people use social media.

With information on the reasons behind the actions, learn how other people use platforms - whether they’re a school leaver, parent, or in the busiest time of their career.

Appeal to your hyper-targeted audience.

Up-to-date data helps you shape your social media strategy around the needs and desires of your audience - and stand out above your peers.

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What's in the infographic?

We dive into each generation’s unique usage of social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter, and highlight the opportunities for brands to reach them.


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  • Who uses which social platforms, and how has this changed?
  • How do different generations engage with brands on social?
  • Where does social media sit in the purchase journey?

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