London, UK, 25th April 2024 — GWI, the global consumer research company, today announced the launch of its Respondent Level Data (RLD) on Snowflake Marketplace, giving customers access to unaggregated consumer data to conduct advanced analytics.

GWI's RLD solution will allow Snowflake Marketplace users to integrate and analyse GWI's powerful consumer data immediately. With GWI's RLD in Snowflake Marketplace, customers can receive live access to the GWI data set. Users can specify the type of data that matters most to their business, be it specific market data or profiling points, enabling users to build their own custom solutions.

Those accessing GWI’s RLD through Snowflake Marketplace can seamlessly blend this with other internal and third-party data, enriching the data at hand, and  enriching data science and AI training capabilities.  

From today, customers can access GWI’s anonymized survey data from GWI USA, representing 250 million people from across 50 states, and GWI Core - the company’s flagship data set - covering nearly 2 billion consumers in 53 world markets. Snowflake customers will be able to access data with all industry standard development tools and analytics platforms.

CTO of GWI, Nick Dearden, comments, “We’re incredibly proud of our data and the love it’s been given by our customers for years - now it’s time to take that even further. With the rapid advances in AI and an increased business appetite for insights, opening up access to RLD is becoming more and more important. 

“Snowflake is the perfect partner to help us make our data available to all businesses via their Marketplace. Today, we’ve taken the first step on that journey with our data in the platform, and we’ll be following this with complementary and aggregated data soon.” 

David Fisher, Industry Principal, Media, Entertainment & Advertising EMEA, Snowflake, says, “Bringing GWI’s RLD to Snowflake Marketplace enables organizations to layer top quality consumer data with other sources to create a richer and more meaningful picture of their customers. As Snowflake continues to empower organizations to leverage data to innovate their business, partners like GWI give greater agility and data capabilities with ease and speed.” 

About GWI
GWI is modernized consumer research – global, on-demand, and accessible to everyone, not just data experts. It’s a platform designed for companies that want fresh and insightful data about their consumers. Values, purchase journeys, media usage, social media habits - we cover it all. With data representing nearly 3 billion people across 50+ countries, GWI has become the go-to for agencies, brands and media companies that want to know what really drives their audience to action. For more, visit