Recorded: April 4, 2023

Duration: 20 minutes

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Laura Connell

Laura Connell

Consumer Trends Manager

Welcome to the “bad vibes” economy. Budgets are tight, prices are rising, and all eyes are on the headlines. But even in this strained economic climate, not all Americans are cutting back on spending. So what’s next?

Our consumer data gives us some clues. In this webinar, our expert analysts share fresh insights into what US consumers are doing with their money right now, and how brands can adapt their strategies to succeed in uncertain times.

Get the answers to key questions like:

  • How does today’s cost of living crisis differ from past recessions, and what can we learn from them?
  • How do US consumers feel about their current financial situation, and how this has changed over time?
  • What are people buying more of and cutting back on? And what are their plans for the months ahead?
  • Which purchase influencers are becoming more/less important over time?
  • How can brands add value and improve communication in times of transition?

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