Recorded: August 25, 2021

Duration: 45 minutes

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Doug Gorman

Doug Gorman

Trends Analyst

America is always changing. What's trending this morning, won't be relevant by dinner. 

That's why we've brought you The State of U.S. - a webinar series dedicated to the biggest issues in the U.S. today. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore the current issues affecting our lives - from COVID-19, to consumer habits and what's happening online. Stay relevant and meet your audience where they are - with messages that matter - by tuning in to this first of a kind webinar.

What's in this webinar?

Join our trends analyst as he explores the many was in which the events of the last year have shaped America in surprising ways. In this webinar we'll use our data to answer questions like:

  • Which Americans are thinking about about social justice?
  • What do Americans do to feel connected with their cultural heritage? 
  • Are consumers feeling financial secure?
  • Has the pandemic impacted American media habits?
  • How are all of these changes impacting brands?

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