Last Updated: 18 June 2024

This Washington Consumer Health Data Privacy Statement (the “Statement”) supplements the GWI Survey Privacy Notice and Privacy Notice. It applies solely to “consumer health data” subject to the Washington State My Health My Data Act (the “MHMDA”). This Statement uses certain terms that have the meaning given to them in the MHMDA.

Sources of Consumer Health Data 

As we describe further in our Survey Privacy Notice, we collect your consumer health data directly from you through your Survey responses. 

We will only ask questions which relate to consumer health data where: (i) permitted to do so by law; and (ii) you have given us your consent before starting the Survey. We will also give you an option to “prefer not to say” in the Survey as a response to any questions that concern any special categories of personal data so that you have the option not to provide that response.

What Consumer Health Data We Collect and Use

GWI may collect the following categories of consumer health data about you, including:

  • Individual health conditions, treatment, diseases, or diagnosis: for example Survey questions identifying if you use glasses/spectacles or dietary requirements or choices such as nut allergy, other food allergy or diabetic;
  • Social, psychological, behavioral, and medical intervention: for example Survey questions relating to non-prescription products used for health conditions;
  • Health-related surgeries or procedures: for example Survey questions relating to health conditions you have experienced;
  • Use or purchase of prescribed medication: for example Survey questions identifying drug brands you prefer;
  • Diagnoses or diagnostic testing, treatment, or medication: for example Survey questions identifying types of specialist doctors you may visit regularly or in the last 12 months;
  • Reproductive or sexual health information: for example Survey questions regarding life events in the next 6 months that may include having children or a major medical procedure and any personas connected to expectant parents;
  • Any information that we process to associate or identify you with the data described above that we obtain from non-health information (such as proxy, derivative, inferred, or emergent data by any means, including algorithms or machine learning): for example Survey questions relating to your preferences for choosing hypoallergenic skincare products.

Why we Collect and Use Consumer Health Data

GWI collects and uses health data for the purposes described in “How is your personal data used” section of GWI’s Survey Privacy Notice. Primarily we collect and use your consumer health data as necessary to deliver consumer research services to our clients.

Washington Consumer Rights

You have certain rights and choices regarding our use and disclosure of your consumer health data, as described below.

  • Right to confirm: You have the right to request that we disclose to you whether we collect, share or sell your consumer health data.
  • Right to access: You have the right to request access to, and information about, the consumer health data we have collected, shared or sold about you.
  • Right to deletion: You have the right to request that we delete your consumer health data.
  • Right to withdraw consent: If, where required under applicable law, you have provided your consent to GWI to collect and use your consumer health data, you have the right to withdraw your consent.

Contact us

To submit a request to exercise the rights and choices set out in our Survey Privacy Notice.

Updates to this Statement

We may update this Statement from time to time without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal data practices with respect to our services. We will indicate at the top of the policy when it was most recently updated.