Across the world, the sports scene and its many tribes are changing in step with wider trends. This is particularly true for women’s sports, and female sports fans - which are both surging.

Yet the commercialization of women’s sports has not been fully realised. With nearly a quarter of women saying they like to watch sport, what are the opportunities for brands to make a lasting impact?

In this report find out more about the most popular women's sports, consumption habits, and how media coverage of women in sport is changing.

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When it comes to gender equality, is women's sports coverage comparable? For sporting events and sports news, are women catered to as a consumer of sports media?

With the rise of women's team sports such as women's basketball, women's soccer teams and women's hockey is the media landscape accommodating and adjusting to this change in viewer habits?

We look at recent trends in women's sports - tracking how the cultural and consumer landscape is shifting.

What's inside the report?

This report on women's sports dives into female viewership, profiling a diverse range of fans and pinpointing key insights.

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  • As sports viewing moves online what role does televised sport play for female fans?
  • What are their key attitudinal characteristics, and preferred brands?
  • How do sports preferences differ amongst age groups, and across global regions?
  • Which are the surprise hits of online sports that could present opportunities?
Learn about the most watched women's sports and the most popular women's sports, in our global trend report.


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