Wearable tech is becoming more mainstream and diverse. Here, we take an in-depth look at consumers who own smart watches and other lifestyle-enhancing gadgets, to determine how brands can engage them.

From smart devices like the Apple watch, to fitness trackers such as Fitbit, wearable devices are one of the technology trends that's changing our daily lives.

Learn more about the types of consumers who are comfortable to combine wearable tracking devices with mobile app technology.

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What's in the infographic?

Whether used for health and fitness, or for the convenience of being smaller and sleeker devices, wearable technology is on the rise. Download this infographic to find out:

  • Where are wearable smart devices most popular?
  • Who are the consumers who use them?
  • What brands do these tech owners favor?
  • How is the wearable tech market changing over time?


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