We're all finding new ways to enjoy our favorite entertainment - from living room music festivals, to streamed concerts and shows.

These new forms of interaction raise questions about consumer expectations - and how we're adapting.

In the age of coronavirus, are some generations still skeptical about technology? How are perceptions changing? How might the future shape up?

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What's inside the report?

We dig into the latest consumer views on virtual events, using custom research from May 2020.

Discover where tech literacy has changed as a result of lockdown, and explore how music concert-goers feel about shows in the future.

We answer:

  • Has the pandemic mitigated the ongoing frustration with technology?
  • Are virtual interactions here to stay?
  • What do consumers expect from virtual events?
  • How can virtual events be monetized?
  • How can the events industry adapt to a socially distanced future?virtual-events-report-preview

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