A lot has changed in the world around us, and guess what? Millennials have changed, too. Understandably, brands have been focused on staying afloat during a period of huge uncertainty, and while their backs have been turned, millennials grew up.

Far from their infamous avocado-on-toast-eating stereotype, many millennials in the US are now parents, stepping on the property ladder and moving into management roles. With so much change happening for this generation, it’s hard for brands to keep up.

So how can marketers make sure they’re really hitting the mark when it comes to millennial audiences? 

Our brand new report gives you the full lowdown on millennials in the US: what they care about, their online habits, and what brands can do to best engage with them.

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What's in the report?

Using our ongoing global quarterly research, as well as our monthly Zeitgeist studies and USA data set, we’ve got the scoop on all you need to know about millennials in the US. 

Find out:

  • Where they’re at post-Covid:  Where are millennials in their personal and professional lives?
  • Their online tv habits: What affects their willingness to pay for subscription streaming services?
  • Social media usage: Could millennials become the next big TikTok generation?
  • Online shopping: What do millennials in the US expect from brands?

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