Want to know the banking actions each generation is taking here and now?

Or discover current sentiment for loyalty, with a measure of how many customers at ten major U.S. bank brands are thinking of switching?

This infographic gives you all that and more: banking buys consumers are planning, the importance of digital banking for all generations, and the crucial attitude metrics that can swing things in your favor.

Download our snapshot of the U.S. banking consumer, and discover how to exceed their expectations.

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Tap into powerful perceptions

We explain the self-perceptions that can help you position your brand as guide, friend, or authority.

Connect with the latest viewpoints

Find out the implications that COVID-19 has made on retail banking, and the pain points to know.

See how the market's shifting

Learn what consumers are planning in the next six months, and the importance of digital banking for all generations.

What's in the infographic?

Explore the behaviors, intentions and perceptions of U.S. banking consumers, and reframe your strategy to suit.

With a focus on what drives them to buy - and stick with - brands, we answer questions such as:

  • What are the financial attitudes of U.S. banking consumers today?
  • What banking features appeal to them?
  • How do U.S. consumers want bank brands to support them during the pandemic?
  • What guidance do Gen Z need, and how can you make them brand advocates?


Explore data on PayPal and payment card brands Amex, Apple Card, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Compare the outlook for customers of Ally, Bank of America, BB&T, Chase, Chime, Fifth Third Bank, PNC, Regions, USAA, and Wells Fargo.

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