We know that social media is changing, and at a rapid pace. Facebook and YouTube still dominate the market, but consumers are developing new ways of using apps and messaging services - and on average, people have 8.5 social media accounts.

But to truly keep ahead of consumers, bringing insight into your strategy, you need to know how social media platforms are being used, and by who. So how can you target consumers on social media effectively? Explore their reasons for being there.

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What's in the infographic?

Find out what reasons people have for using social media, with our infographic packed with insights. Importantly, see how these reasons have changed over time, helping you to update your planning. 

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  • Which activities on social media have seen a sharp rise since 2014?
  • What have networking and sharing been eclipsed by?
  • How have influencers and brands taken on a bigger role?
  • What are the key reasons for use across different generations?



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