Not all consumers are the same. That's why insight into behavior and purchase preferences are so important to brands. On social media, this is more true than ever - as new users sign up every day, and social media shifts again.

Get our simple summary of the ways in which people use social media across different generations, and decipher what this means for you.

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Learn about the latest developments.

Social media is more popular than ever. Discover which age groups are using it - and how.

Utilize motivations for better marketing.

Knowing why your consumers are using social media is the key to targeting them better.

See the full picture to get ahead.

With insight into how social media is used around the world, you can appeal to any consumer's needs.

What's in the infographic?

We explore the social media behavior of baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z to learn more, including:

  • How long are generations spending on social media across the world?
  • Are all generations using multiple social networks?
  • How popular is screen time tracking now?


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