Are you tracking where social media's headed?

The big picture trends can give your social media strategy a whole new direction. And with vast shifts arising from the pandemic, it's even more important to stay on top of developments.

How are consumers connecting on social platforms? What sort of content is trending? And what are people doing, now that life is slowly returning to normal?

Get all the insight you need, in our social media consumer report.

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Discover the trends that've stuck.

Find out how your customer has altered their behavior on social media - for good. Get the bigger picture on the permanent social media trends to know.

Know why consumers are using social media.

When you understand the motivations behind the action, you can place your brand in the best light. Learn about your customer's expectations.

Find a profitable purpose.

Our data shows the role of social media in wellbeing is more crucial than ever. Discover the insight to help you help your customers stay healthy.

What's inside the report?

Get a blueprint for social media marketing in 2021, with the consumer insights to know. Shape your approach, with information on:

  • The psychology behind social media.
  • Time spent on social media, by market.
  • What you need to know about the impact of short lifespan content.
  • The key reasons why people use different platforms.
  • Changes in the influencer and social commerce sphere.

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