The most effective brands know they need to stay on top of customers’ social networking needs.

To engage your community, and delight consumers through social media activity, knowledge of behaviors and trends is key.

In this report, we bring together the most important insights on the world of social media. Understand how coronavirus has impacted social media behavior, and get to know the facts that matter.

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Learn about the coronavirus impact.

Get to know how, and why, social media changed in the wake of the pandemic. Discover statistics to help you stay authentic.

Stay close to consumers.

How do brands need to behave on social media to truly engage consumers? Get the right information for your specific customer.

Track the purchase potential.

How has social commerce evolved? Get to know the ways in which people are now buying products through social media, and the emerging techniques.

What's inside the report?

Discover the facts to know about social media marketing, and insight on behavior. Learn how social media use has changed due to coronavirus, and get insights to fuel your strategic marketing. You’ll answer:

  • What are the biggest reasons to use social media?
  • How has the pandemic influenced social networking?
  • What are the social media traits of different generations?
  • Which points of progress are set to remain in future?

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