Need insights to power your digital marketing strategy in 2020?

With knowledge that covers users across the world, our social media trends report explores the ways in which social engagement, influencers, and platforms are changing.

Discover the huge trends for consumers across various social media platforms in 2020 - parcelled and ready to use for your brand.

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Track the latest social media usage trends.

We’ve summarised the most recent patterns in consumer behavior, to help you form a winning strategy.

Strengthen your social media expertise.

Tap into examples of new trends, and our analysts’ advice, to add to your social media marketing, selling and engagement plan.

Fuel new creative ideas for your marketing.

Know your digital audience even better - and discover qualities and traits of the channel that can help your brand stand out.

What's inside the report?

See how social media trends across the world are changing in the new year, with insight into customer experience, artificial intelligence, marketing trends and more, including:

  • How long do people spend on social media?
  • How many social accounts and platforms are used?
  • How popular is social media and social ads for shopping?
  • What are the social media trends on the rise in 2020 and coming years?

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