Savvy brands are shaping their smart device strategy as they would any other consumer experience. Our smart homes report provides guidance on aligning your products and services with the stats that matter: consumer insights.

Understand the reasons consumers have for taking the leap

Widespread adoption is on the horizon, so make sure you understand the key driving factors that provoke people to adopt smart technology - before your competitors.

Appeal to age group markets and discover their views

With granular data on the benefits perceived by consumers you can shape a strategy to fit. Learn what Millennials and Gen Z want from smart devices and fit in with their lifestyle needs.

Plan for the long term with clarity on what buyers want

What support and services do smart device owners want after purchase? Get to know what you need to do to secure trust and engagement.

You'll discover the brands U.S. and UK consumers are considering for a variety of purposes in the home, and be able to put the trend into action.

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What's inside the report?

Discover views on smart devices including security, energy and lighting, voice assistants, and domestic appliances.

Gain a broad knowledge of products and the key factors driving the industry, including:

  • The typical characteristics of a smart device owner.
  • Current consideration and intention attitudes in the U.S. and UK.
  • Reasons consumers have for not choosing a smart device.
  • The qualities that consumers are looking for in a voice.


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