Marketing teams everywhere are under pressure to tighten budgets. This means being sure which channels, messages and tactics will get you a return.
Improved targeting is what gets you there.
This guide, packed with simple steps, case studies and insights, shows you how to take your segmentation up a notch, and make sure you get more from your investment.

Learn about the key segmentation types, discover the pros and cons of each, and see how this is done through real-world examples.

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Get precise and find insight that resonates

Creating clear audience segments is what underpins effective marketing. Understand how to refine audience perceptions, and get closer to your customer.

Make an impact with specific customers

Blanket messaging is no longer sufficient. Learn how segmentation enables you to speak authentically to your customer, by zeroing in on what matters to them.

Gain competitive advantage

When you know the secrets of an effective segmentation and apply it to your marketing, you’ll be able to stand out against the competition.

Discover the latest techniques

Learn how to keep your segmentation fresh, relevant, and applicable across your business. We show you how digging into data is easy - for anyone.

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What's in the guide?

Discover key principles and the latest techniques in audience segmentation, with guidance on:

  • What is customer segmentation?
  • Why the need to segment your customers?
  • Techniques for segmenting
  • How methodology is shifting
  • Ways to take segmentation further


See how some brands are getting closer than anyone to their customers - using insight into attitudes, behaviors, perceptions and more.

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