Want to know exactly how to define millennials? Get to know them based on more than simple demographics?

Our report provides all you need to know about the behaviors and preferences of this important age group. So you can get on with the good stuff.

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Millennial characteristics

Not all generations are the same - and it’s crucial to stay in touch with the factors that matter. Discover what defines a millennial, in our far-reaching summary.

See what’s changed

Millennials’ needs and brand expectations are shifting, as they move deeper into family and career life. Learn about their mindset - on a personal level.

Marketing that resonates

By getting to know consumers aged 24-37, you’ll be able to switch up how you’re presenting your brand - and ensure it appeals to the millennial generation.

What's in the report?

Get the facts, plain and simple. You’ll learn what’s important to millennials, seeing deep into their story - and understand how you can reach them.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s the financial situation for millennials?
  • How does their lifestyle look?
  • What are millennials doing on social media?
  • How are this generation taking steps in the workplace?
  • What can brands do to appeal to millennials?


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