Independent agencies often talk of landing ‘the whale’. 

That’s because they offer a fast track to winning more big logos, scaling and growing the business - all top-of-mind stuff for agency leaders.

But competition for new business is fierce, and that’s before you add networks into the mix.

This guide shows independent agencies how to grab a big logo’s attention, retain it, and seal the deal.

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What’s in this guide?

We’ve scrutinized the topic from multiple angles and crunched a ton of numbers so you can see exactly (1) what whales are looking for and (2) how to play to your strengths using consumer insights.

Here are the talking points:

  • What whales want (according to the data)
  • Mastering the whales sector in next to no time 
  • Accentuating your best attributes (like speed, agility and fresh approaches) with research
  • An independent agency case study

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