For those that like to stand out in a crowd, the brand experience is key. Read our audience report on image-conscious consumers, and discover insights to make your marketing go further. 

Match your brand to the right consumer

Does your consumer profile match that of the image-conscious consumer? And are you appealing to them correctly?

Discover trends in fashion and sports

We track top fashion labels and the biggest sports brands, checking their popularity with the image-conscious consumer today.

Push your marketing even further

Tap into the attitudes and actions of fashion-conscious consumers, to enhance your marketing messaging.

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What's inside the report?

You'll discover the distinct trends and preferences behind the typical image-conscious consumer. Learn about what they do, and why - including: 

  • What are the key attitudinal statements of image-conscious consumers?
  • Which lifestyle indicators can you tap into?
  • How do image-conscious consumers use social media?
  • What's their typical demographic profile?

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