Marketers' choices are many, in a world of proliferating technology. It can be tempting to adopt a digital-first mantra; but is this always the right thing to do?

Experiencing a global pandemic has, for many, reminded us again of the power of the human, personal touch.

In this report from Worldwide Partners, discover the critical areas where personalization and human interactions are key. Weigh up whether your approach needs to be more 'HX', to truly deliver what your customer is looking for.

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What's inside the report?

WPI explain their concept of Human Experience, and define the strategic areas to know when considering this for your brand. With custom data from 2020, and coronavirus insight, explore:

  • How does the consumer's relationship with technology now look?
  • How can digital technology help in healthcare?
  • What do CPG and retail marketers need to know?
  • How can a personal touch help B2B marketers?


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