Oh, the internet. It’s changed our culture and society in immeasurable ways. In 1995, just 14% of American adults were using the internet; today, that’s at nearly 95% of the population. 

In this report, which is part 1 of 3, we’ve teamed up with Imgur to dissect the very foundation of internet culture – the videos, gifs, memes, and other elements that make up how we communicate with one another.

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What’s in this report?

Through a study of over 2,000 social media users in the U.S., we explored internet culture, its dialects, its creators, and its role in our ever-changing society. Here’s some questions we’ll be answering.

  • What makes content funny, shareable, inspiring, or meme-able?
  • Who do we choose to follow and trust when it comes to what we consume online?
  • What are the implications for brands trying to connect with their audiences in our fast-moving, digital-first world?

These are big questions, and important ones for brands to ask as they seek to engage with people living increasingly digital lives.

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