Get the most important insights and the latest figures for online entertainment behavior around the world.

You’ll discover the biggest consumer trends in TV, music, gaming, and social entertainment - to fuel your brand strategy for 2021.

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Track TV and keep targeting on point

How are TV viewing patterns changing, as a result of the pandemic? What’s happened since we got used to a new lifestyle at home? How are online TV services doing?

Stay in the loop with streaming

Discover the ways consumers are engaging with music streaming services and audio. How popular are radio and podcast services from Gen Z, to baby boomers?

Gaming: get insight on the latest booming trend 

How does gaming compare to other forms of entertainment? Who are the new audiences, and which game types do they prefer? How can marketers work with gaming platforms?

Get the social media insight to know

Social media is serving up what users want - and it’s changing quickly. What’s most important to know about how social media is used for entertainment?

What's inside the report?

Explore current behavioral patterns around entertainment, and learn how the landscape is changing. Discover insights to shape your strategy, including:

  • How much time is now spent watching online TV?
  • How many consumers discover brands via online and traditional ads?
  • What percentage pay for streaming services in your country?
  • Which branded content has the biggest influence on viewers?


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