Learn about the latest developments in entertainment and digital services. Our flagship report presents the consumer insight you need to succeed.

Entertainment behaviors under the microscope

With data from global markets, put insight into context. How are consumers reacting to the latest film, music and gaming platforms?

Tune in to music streaming

Learn from the relatively new medium for listening: how and why it’s used, and where consumers are adopting and paying for streaming.

Trusted brands, new technology

Track the performance of big brands - and how consumers feel about them - as they develop new features and enter markets. Get one step ahead with our analysis into the industry changes to know.

What's inside the report?

Put the latest statistics into context with insight into consumers’ attitudes and views. With up-to-date data, you’ll discover trends in:

  • How consumers interact with brands via entertainment.
  • Insight into the shift in social media.
  • How and why gaming has changed.
  • The latest trends in music, streaming, and TV.

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