The global entertainment scene has changed, but how? And who’s come out on top? Which social platforms does each generation gravitate to?

We’ve been on a journey to answer all your burning entertainment questions.

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What's inside the report?

The screen time battle’s still going

The battle between online TV vs broadcast TV is nothing new, but have online streaming services reached their peak?

It’s all about snackable content 

Which platform takes the top spot as the go to place for entertainment, and what are consumers looking for?

Podcasts are proving popular

With listening time at 59 mins a day, are podcasts the next marketing channel to give brands success?

Gaming’s getting even

The gaming community sees a more level playing field between genders and generations, creating a diverse group just waiting to be tapped into. 

Esports is joining the game

Brands can score big in this community-led landscape, but success isn’t without its pitfalls.

Discover the biggest consumer trends in TV, music, gaming, and social entertainment to skyrocket your 2022 strategy.

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