In the midst of COVID-19, what concerns U.S. and UK consumers most about healthcare? We surveyed internet users in both countries in March 2020, and discovered distinct trends among respondents.

It’s never been more urgent to understand behaviors and concerns around health. Our digital healthcare report provides a global picture of how consumers see the future of the industry, and their own needs.

With growth in therapies of all shapes and sizes, we track the pattern of adoption of health technology including apps, smart devices, and digital information.

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What's inside the report?

Discover how people feel about the changing role of technology in their healthcare, and track how this is evolving across the world.

Learn the opportunities and risks associated with healthcare going digital - and understand what communities need.

  • How are smart devices helping people manage health?
  • What role could telehealth and phone appointments take?
  • How do consumers feel about AI playing a part?
  • What are the key views on privacy to know?


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