There's no doubt that consumer and shopping habits have changed during the pandemic. But behaviors can return. How can you know which changes will stay relevant for some time - and what's going to stick?

The way to find out is via longitudinal data - AKA, trends. By asking the same questions over time, we've built a picture of consumer trends that gives meaning to business strategy. Learn how spending, entertainment and travel are shaping up, in this report.

Discover the important insights to know in the wake of the pandemic - to fuel your consumer-led marketing.

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What's inside the report?

Learn about the macro consumer trends created by the coronavirus crisis, and the key business insights to know. Get hints on how to analyze the data for yourself, and explore:

  • How do consumers globally feel about the pandemic?
  • Are consumers still planning to delay purchases?
  • How are travel and luxury purchases being treated?
  • What do consumers feel about advertising?


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