How has the global pandemic shifted consumer behavior at its core?

In times of crisis and constrained spending, it's well known that consumers' shopping attitudes shift.

Yet faced with isolation, a slower pace, and digital-only experiences, our survey reveals pinch points and flashes of change - key insights of needs and wants, in the era of coronavirus.

Get our essential report on personal motivations and hidden attitudes, that can make all the difference to your strategy.

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In the new reality of the coronavirus, what's the market analysis to know?

It's not enough to assume your customer will return in the same way they did before, with the same set of expectations.

The impact of coronavirus has caused seismic trends across the consumer world. In this report, you'll learn about changed opinions, discover new trends in leisure and interests, and get a broad picture of global consumers' aspirations.

What's inside the report?

Our consumer report on the changes to know during coronavirus distills global data into the facts to know. You'll uncover the freshest market research, collected up to April 2020, to reinvigorate your marketing strategies.


  • The status quo of privacy, and how consumers feel.
  • Ways in which personal outlook is impacting brand needs and purchase drivers.
  • The impact of a slower lifestyle on consumers' interests and media.
  • The psychographic insights you should be

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