Put your crystal ball down, we’ve got something far more powerful.

Our analysts have scoured GWI’s data to bring you the biggest trends hitting 2022 - all bundled up neatly into a downloadable PDF.

This visual, insight-packed report gives you a window into new consumer phenomena set to take center stage in the coming 12 months, and what this means for brands.

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What’s in this report?

Each trend has been meticulously put together using a blend of behavioral, demographic and psychographic data. Enjoy the ride and take the action points away with you.

Here are the six trends:

  • Pursuit of purpose - outlooks towards work and living going forward
  • Inclusive beauty - the future of beauty and the expectations around it 
  • Attention economy - our new media habits and preferences 
  • Curated online self - how we’ll present ourselves online
  • New wave of wellbeing - how we’ll improve physical and psychological wellness 
  • Future of cryptocurrency - the next step for this financial phenomenon

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