In these turbulent times, our shopping habits are in flux.

While buying online now has broader appeal, we’re also reworking our attitudes to bigger purchases. Yet, the picture of change is diverse.

To keep you on top of insight, our commerce report brings together the latest information on global consumers’ buying habits.

Discover the markets and demographics that are adopting new tools, and dig into ways in which your customer views the shopping experience. From AR to in-store, track innovation - and get the trends to know.

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Track the evolution of online shopping

Find out how usage of mobiles and PCs for shopping is changing over time, and update your strategy.

Understand the economic outlook

Discover the level of consumer caution around the world due to the economic effects of the pandemic, to stay informed.

Explore purchasing of digital goods and services

Take a reading of the online media and subscription industry, with stats on the latest habits, from Gen Z to baby boomers. 

What's in the report?

Get a precise picture of the latest ecommerce consumer behaviors. We cover the biggest trends and online innovations, and answer questions such as:

  • What touch-free payment methods are on the rise?
  • How can augmented reality help consumers in their shopping experience?
  • Which ecommerce apps are popular in each country?
  • Which shoppers have increased their online shopping?
  • What are the items they’re spending on?

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