Get to know the online consumer journey at a deeper level with our global report on the ecommerce trends to know.

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Understand buying behaviors

What are consumers likely to do, and which type of device do they prefer? Find out exactly how your customer prefers to shop.

Get insight to fuel your online selling

Through a close knowledge of how and why we shop online, develop an ecommerce strategy for success.

Know the right way to use social media

Discover our insight into the ways in which social media is used, and put it in context with other selling channels.

What's in the report?

From a survey in 2019, you'll learn about the reasons consumers have for making purchases, and gain a broad picture of the ecommerce market, including:

  • Which will be the next big market for ecommerce?
  • How does online research differ from online purchasing?
  • What factors are most likely to help drive a purchase?
  • What turns buyers into advocates?

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